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We bring great speakers and seminars to each event we host. Doctors, Providers, Practitioners, - all sharing great info to help YOU on YOUR wellness journey! 

Speaker lineup for the Tulsa EXPO will be posted soon! 

(Here is the fabulous lineup you missed if you didn't attend the OKC Expo on April 15th, 2023)

11:00 am - Holistic Pet Care Center - w/ Dr. Brad Roach 

Dr. Roach is a holistic veterinarian dedicated to helping our furry, scaly and feathered friends. He is a certified acupuncturist and animal chiropractor with the ability to treat an animal's entire body with both conventional medicine and natural therapies.  He also uses biopuncture, homotoxicology, and photonic therapy. In addtion to all of these, he has also trained and been accredited for stem cell and other regenerative techniques. Dr. Roach discovered that pet parents are open to learning about their own health and wellness as they focus on the health and wellness of their pets!  It's an amazing link that we have with out family pets, isn't it?  Our health and wellness is boosted just from loving our little furry family members. 

1:00 pm - Yasmin Functional  Health - w/ Dr. Yasmin Sarfraz 

Dr. Yasmin Sarfraz completed her residency and fellowship through the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists in London before going on to practice as a women's health expert across the globe. It was as a physician who interfaced with patients every day that Dr. Yasmin came to realize the limits of traditional healthcare modalities and became increasingly interested in the Functional Medicine approach to care. Now as a fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Yasmin is a proud practitioner of Functional Medicine - helping each individual client achieve a vibrant state of health through personal optimization of internal biochemistry. 

2:00 pm  - Microdosing Plant Medicine  - w Coaches Tiffany Stuhr and Candi Boyer 

Stuhr and Boyer both worked for decades in the traditional corporate world.  Each dealt with their own life issues, and pursued traditional therapies that brought minimal relief. Progress was slow and difficult with years of unsuccessful therapies attempted and abandoned. While taking a chance with non-traditional, cutting-edge science, Sturh and Boyer found lasting and transformational help through a modality that is often misunderstood - microdosing plant medicines in the form of psilocybin mushrooms.  Stuhr and Boyer now coach others in understanding and preparing for the process of transformation, utilizing their own experiences and decades of work to help them guide their clients. They utilize meditation, breathwork, and a process of integration to help those who are willing to turn to plants for healing. 

3:00 pm  - Desire OKC  - w Charity Danker, LPC 

Charity Danker is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the owner of Desire OKC. Her goal is to empower individuals to develop more meaningful relationships, and live more authentically, all while creating intimacy.  She helps clients set aside preconceived societal and environmental notions of what their relationships should look like, by focusing on the life and intimacy they truly desire.  She takes an individualized and holistic approach to help clients by addressing the mind, body and spirit.  Through Desire Based Coaching, clients learn to achieve a desire filled life, thereby increasing happiness, lowering stress and anxiety, and creating fulfilling intimate relationships. 




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